An Augmented Reality Experience for friends, families & birthday parties

Battleverse Europe Ltd are the agent for Battleverse Canada, an augmented reality entertainment and game development company.

Battleverse offers a new unique and action-packed E-Sports experience, by immersing you into the game. The system offers fun augmented reality team-based games, in a similar way to Paintball and Laser tag.

The way it works is that two teams battle each other by blasting virtual fireballs at each other! And they can team up together to battle monsters that are invading Earth. It’s like dodgeball with magic powers! From throwing bolts to summoning creatures, the fight is in your hands!

Our games are geared towards people of all ages, starting from 8 and up!

Battleverse is the perfect solution for birthday parties, team building events and private parties! It can even work outside and can be used as a mobile solution.

If you have ever played paintball or laser tag, we are very similar to that team vs team format. We split your group in to two teams in which you play against each other in a variety of different game modes. Then after facing off against each other you will work together as one team to battle against the monsters.


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