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Our Augmented Reality Games

Player vs Player

Last team standing wins

The team with the most eliminations win

Beast Protector
Each team must protect their sacred beasts from the enemy

Players vs Monsters

Portal Invaders Part 1
Work together to defend the Earth realm from invading orcs!

Portal Invaders Part2
The orcs have come back with reinforcements with their own wizards!

Portal Invaders Part3
The big bad orc boss is coming for all of you! The final Battle!

4 Battle Mage Characters


Special Ability: Shoot 3 magical bolts at once


Special Ability: Summon skeleton warriors to aid them in battle


Special Ability: Can heal their wounds


Special Ability: Set down Magical Shields that will help protect teammates

What is Battleverse?

2 teams battle each other by blasting virtual fireballs at each other and they can team up together to battle monsters that are invading Earth. It's like dodgeball with magic powers! From throwing bolts to summoning creatures, the fight is in your hands!

Our games are geared towards people of all ages, starting from 8 years and up!

Battleverse is the perfect solution for birthday parties, team building events and private parties! It can even work outside and can be used as a mobile solution.

If you have ever played paintball or laser tag, we are very similar to that team vs team format. We split your group in to two teams in which you play against each other in a variety of different game modes. Then after facing off against each other you will work together as one team to battle against the monsters.

How does it work?

There are 3 different versions of the game available.

6 Player
8 Player
10 Player
Game session times
30 Minutes
45 Minutes
60 Minutes
Within each gaming session we have 3-minute game rounds in which you get to see the player rankings at the end of each round.

Become a Licensee

Battleverse is a global brand that we hold the UK and European license to. We offer a full turn key solution.

We help you with every step of the process.
+ Space Planning + Recommendations + Equipment & Software + Game Gear Training + Game Host

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