Projected Financial Returns

The 6-player system is budgeted to “Conservatively” generate an income of approximately £6,843.00 per month or £82,125.00 per annum. 
This is based upon a charge of £7.50 per person, x 6 people, x 5 times per day, over 365 days per Year. 
Most facilities are open between 10am and 9pm, so 5 times per day is conservative.

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Space planning
we’ll provide a room drawing with all dimensions

We’ll recommend the right system so that you can get the best returns on your investment

Equipment & Software
We’ll provide all of the hardware and software to get you up and running

Game gear training
We’ll show you how to use the equipment

Game host
We’ll provide full user training so that you Game host will be confident in showing off the equipment, and to ensure your system runs smoothly